Tuesday, January 25, 2011

We're Moving the blog and Going Private

We've decided to go private with our blog. With a new baby on the way, we just don't want to subject our little girl to the Internet world just yet...

So our new blog address is tylerandkristenevans.blogspot.com

It will be completely private, so if you want an invite, leave a comment with your e-mail address, and I'll add you to the new blog.

Also, I've hidden the comments in case you don't feel comfortable broad casting your e-mail address to the world.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Baby K's Nursery

It's finally here! I'm officially 9 months pregnant and ready to pop!
I have to say that I really feel lucky. So far this pregnancy has not been bad. Just the last few weeks have been a little stressful. I have been seeing the Dr. about twice a week now because he is concerned I might have preeclampsia. My blood pressure is consistently high and if you could see the swelling in my body... it is not a pretty sight! I went in last Thursday for a non stress test and the baby appeared healthy. She was squirming around and the nurse said everything looked good. I have to go in again on Monday to have another non stress test just to see if everything is okay. If at any point my blood pressure gets too high, or the baby appears to be struggling, I will have to be induced. Luckily that hasn't happened yet. At this point, we're just playing the waiting game. Even though at times I feel miserable and I can't sleep, I don't want to be induced. This little girl can take all the time she wants in her cramped little home.

To help us with the waiting game, we've been busy getting her room ready. This used to be her room. It was our boring, old office...

When we found out we were having a girl there were a couple of things I knew I wanted to have in her room. The first was this play cupboard that my Grandpa Draper made for me when I was about 3. My grandpa was amazing! He could make anything out of anything! I used to love to play house with this cupboard and I just had visions that our little girl would love playing with it too. My grandpa passed away about 10 years ago, so this is my sentimental way of remembering him.

The other thing I knew I wanted for her room was my old bedroom set. I loved my old bedroom set! It is so cute and girlie. It's from the 80's, but in really good condition, so all we had to do was give it a fresh coat of paint.

 And when I say all "we" had to do was give it a fresh coat of paint, I meant Tyler. I mostly stayed in the house and would go out to the garage just to supervise to make sure he was doing everything right. Luckily, Tyler is the perfectionist in the family and I knew everything would be done perfectly. Tyler sanded all the furniture about 5 different times to make sure it was all smooth.
 Then he painted everything by hand about three times to make sure it looked perfect.
 We decided to buy a crib and changing table, so Tyler had to put together all of the stuff. I had to laugh at him because every time he was putting something together, he would look at a part and ask me where I thought it would go. My response was always, "do you want me to look at the instructions?" but Tyler informed me that real men don't need to look at instructions!
 So after months of getting ready, here is her finished room...
 This is her crib. We're going for a pink and brown ladybug theme. The crib soother in the back of the crib is a gift that she got from my aunt and cousins at the shower, but I think Tyler and I like it more! Sometimes we'll just sit in her room and turn on the soother!

We decided to get a changing table for her. If you look closely, the bear on the changing table has a diaper on. We were just practicing our diapering skills! So far, we're really good at it!
 We got a great deal at a Black Friday door buster sale on this glider and ottoman, but my favorite part is the cupboard and night stand. They turned out so cute!
 Here's her dresser that is already full of clothes. I know I've already said it, but I love the way her furniture turned out! We got the lamp as a gift at Baby K's shower. It goes perfect with her room!
 And last, we have her closet, which is already full of clothes as well. I think she has more clothes than me and Tyler combined.

I think we're as ready for our little girl as we are going to get. Now we just have to play the waiting game! Only 2 more weeks!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby Shower

We had the baby shower last week for our little Baby K! It was so much fun to see family and friends that we usually don't get to see very often. And it was so humbling to see how much our little girl is already loved! Here's just a few pictures of our family and friends...

 We had really good food too! We had sandwiches, meatballs, fruit and veggie trays, chips, cake, and punch.

 Baby K got so many cute gifts! I can tell she is already going to be one spoiled little girl, and one of the cutest dressed babies ever! She got so many cute clothes!

 Baby K also got some really cute quilts from her great-grandparents. My grandma made this quilt years ago and I had hoped that I would have a girl someday so that I could have it!
 Tyler's grandma and aunt gave us this adorable quilt with pink giraffes all over it!
 Probably the one that got to us the most was this quilt. Tyler's grandma had quilts made for all of her grandchildren before she passed away a few years ago. It is pretty special to think that she was thinking of her great-grandchildren even back then.

Thanks to everyone who came to support us! We had so much fun seeing everyone. And especially thank you to Tammy, Karly, Tracy, Terry and my mom for throwing the best baby shower!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

 Tyler and I had a great New Years! We were supposed to go to Salt Lake to spend time at the cabin, but the weather prevented us from traveling, so we stayed home. Our neighbors had us over for a fondue party and we had so much fun! I took my camera over, but I failed to take any pictures, so you'll just have to take my word for it when I tell you that there was a ton (yes, literally 2,000 pounds) of food! :)

I guess this is usually the post where you tell people about your New Year's Resolutions. This year my New Year's resolution is to not make any resolutions. I'm doing great at it so far! I just figure that I usually don't keep the resolutions anyway, so what's the point in making them?

Tyler is not making any resolutions either, but he is trying to be healthier overall. Back in November we got ourselves an early Christmas present... a new treadmill!!

 I'll admit that at first I was very skeptical that we would actually use it. I figured it would be used for a few weeks, and then forgotten. Tyler has surprised me, he gets up every morning at 4:30 to go run! Even on weekends he gets up early to run while I sleep in! I have been on our treadmill once, but I figure I have a good excuse. After Baby K is born I fully intend on also running on the treadmill (definitely not that early in the morning though).

2011 has started out great and we can't wait to see what the rest of the year brings us! We're excited for our baby in a few weeks (30 days and counting!) and for all the fun things that life brings us! Hope all of you had a great New Years!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had quite the eventful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day this year. Our Christmas Eve morning started out at 5:30 am when I heard the most frightening noise. I sounded like some woman screaming by our window. I woke up Tyler and told him to listen. He said it sounded like a dying animal and got out of bed to find his flashlight. I followed him around like a little puppy because I was so scared! We looked out the window and couldn't see anything, so Tyler went out the back door. As soon as we opened the door a horrible smell came in. It smelled like a skunk and we were certain that a skunk had sprayed somewhere by our window. Tyler walked all around the house, but couldn't see anything. He came back inside and went to look downstairs. That's when we discovered another mink stuck in our window well. That makes 5 minks in a month all in the same window well. We cannot figure out why they always get stuck in that window well, but we are determined to get a cover for it this week. I was just glad that it was not a skunk or a screaming woman! We left the mink there and tried to go back to sleep.

A few hours later we woke up to open presents. This year I thought I would try to make gooey buns to eat after we opened presents for a new family tradition. They had to raise all night long, but when we saw them in the morning, they were a little bigger than we expected. I put them in the oven and we started to open presents. You're probably thinking to yourself, "what does this have to do with anything?" Don't worry; it'll make sense in a minute!
 Here we are so excited to open our presents from each other. Kind of weird and exciting to think this will be our last Christmas ever without kids!
 Tyler and I started out by opening our stockings.

 And then we smelled this horrible burning smell. We both looked over toward the kitchen and there was smoke filling up the oven and our kitchen. We both ran over to the oven and opened it. The gooey part of the gooey buns was dripping on the oven and burning. We opened all the windows and doors  (which let in the mink smell) and tried to air the place out before our smoke detector went off. You can see how bad the smoke filled our house. I was not happy about it! Luckily our gooey buns were salvageable and we enjoyed them after presents!  (See, I told you there was a reason for the rambling earlier!)
 After we got the place aired out, we continued opening presents. Tyler got some clothes and tools
 And I got some workout clothes for after the baby
 After opening presents, we got ready to head to Salt Lake to spend the rest of the holiday with our families. This is my 8 (almost 9) month pregnant picture. I look like I'm about to pop. And I certainly feel that way!!

 We had a lot of family parties to hit that night. We started out the night at Tyler's parents house where we had dinner and talked to the family. Then we headed over to the Sandall house to spend some time with my side of the family. We always do a pizza party with the Sandall family on Christmas Eve. It is so fun to see them! All of our families are getting big and it seems Christmas is the only time we get to see everyone.

After a few hours there, we headed back to Tyler's house for the all night party. We started out by playing the Right/Left game. Then Tyler played Nuerdeuliean while the rest of us danced in the street. This year was even funnier because all of their neighbors were staring at us through their windows. As if once was not enough, we went out in the street for another round of dancing this year!
 After dancing in the street, we came back in and opened presents. I got a cute necklace and bracelet from his uncle who lives in Florida. Tyler got some slickey pants and a shirt. At 11:00, we ate dessert and then everyone started to head home. This year we were staying at Terry and Craig's so we helped them get ready for the party the next day and then went to bed around 2 am.

The next morning we woke up and opened a few presents with Tyler's parents.
 We got spoiled yet again... Even Baby K got spoiled and she's not even born yet!!
 At noon, the Evans' came over for a party. We ate lunch and opened presents. Baby K got a really cute onesie and socks and Tyler and I got some fun presents from his family who live in North Carolina.
 We had to leave the Evans party a little early to get to my family party. My cute Grandma Draper and Aunt Karen celebrated with us while we opened presents and ate yet again! :)
 Here's Ryan, Amy, Preston, Gage, and Brayden all excited to open presents...
 And Darren, Meg, Cole, Hannah, Maddie, and Sadie ready to open presents...
 Me and Tyler ready to open presents (well, I'm not really sure what Tyler's doing, but at least you all know who the sane one in the family is!)
 I love this picture of my aunt Karen, Grandma, and my mom!
 And of course, my cute parents!!
 My parents really spoiled all of us this year. Tyler and I got two folding table and chair sets and some money.
 My cute niece Maddie spent her own money at the school secret Santa workshop and got me this cute Precious Moment bell. She said she thought of me when she saw it because she knows how much I like Precious Moments... Maddie is seriously the cutest and most thoughful little girl ever!!
 Me and my cute Grandma.
 And what would Christmas be without a fun game of musical chairs? See my family (well I should say my brothers) like to make all the kids cry, so we play musical chairs and laugh at the kids when they get out. My parents figured out a way to avoid the crying this year by giving the kids a prize when they got out, which worked out great until one of my brothers came up with the great idea to give the winner of the second round a dollar. I think Ryan and Darren successfully managed to make all the kids cry yet again. I think it's safe to say we won't ever play musical chairs again! Every family has their weird traditions, right?
 We spent the rest of the night hanging out with my parents, and later Tyler's parents. I was exhausted by the end of the night! My feet swelled up so bad and my toes looked like sausages (I didn't think anyone would want to see a picture of my ugly feet, so I didn't take one! You can thank me.)

On December 26th, Tyler went out on a date to celebrate the three years since we had been on our first date. Sometimes I just can't believe that three years ago I didn't even know Tyler and now here we are ready to be parents!! We went to a movie and out to dinner to celebrate. Times have changed since the first time we went out though... we both wanted to go to an early dinner and movie to avoid the crowds and to be in bed by 9!! Ha ha... I would say we're almost grown-ups!! :)

December 27th I met up with my best friend Emily for lunch and to exchange gifts. I wish I could see her more often, but it is getting so hard now to make our different schedules match up... nevertheless, we have so much fun when we're together!
I can't believe how fast the holidays go by! We had so much fun being with family and celebrating together. Tyler and I are so lucky to have such great family and friends. We can't wait until next year when we'll have our Baby K to celebrate with!!